12 Days of Dogs

Spreading some logo design love for the holidays

My criteria for submissions:

  • Your dog must have a cool nickname
  • Their photo must somehow match the nickname

12 Days of Dogs — A Logo Series

It all started with Priscilla

I learned a few things along the way:

  1. A surprising number of people call their dog “potato” as a nickname. I received so many submissions like this that in the end, I decided no dog would be called potato. 😂
  2. People often have way more photos of their dog than they do of themselves (and professional, too!). This made my job easier.📷
  3. When something is free and you simply ask the recipient to send you a few things (i.e. submission criteria above), some people will ghost you. 🤷🏻
  4. Some people will really go above and beyond. One of the submissions included the results of a DNA test confirming her dog is indeed a “Supermutt.” 🏆
  5. There are really amazing people out there. I was overwhelmed with the gracious messages I received and the friendships I’ve made this month. It turns out that one of these dog mamas has lived on my street for two years and somehow we’d never crossed paths! 💪 Text exchange below:
(I know, I know... language)



Principal & Creative Director @breakenterto

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