Spreading some logo design love for the holidays

The Chinese calendar may say it’s the year of the rat, but it looks like 2020 has become the year of the dog instead. Dog adoptions have soared across North America, and in some cases, adoption rates have increased by as much as 85%.

I’ve witnessed this increase first-hand as I began looking for a dog back in June. I found that many of the humane societies and rescues I reached out to were consistently out of dogs or had a backlog of so many applications that they simply could not accept more.

Supply just couldn’t keep up with the…

Only 271,774 Canadians had a say on who the top two candidates were in this past election.

Our most recent Canadian federal election was held on October 21. It was especially contentious for many voters who felt strongly about one party or simply against another. In the weeks leading up, many of us took our convictions to social media and then did our part on election day and voted.

When it comes to politics, I think we’ve all noticed the sudden rise in interest comes about like clockwork every four years and fizzles out just days after the election. …

Catch errors before you make one you regret

As the year comes to a close, projects are often rushed out the door before the holidays. When time is constrained, and everyone is busy, mistakes can happen. The following are some quick proofreading tips to help you avoid those silly mistakes.

🔚 1. Read it back to front

My writing instructor in fourth year university taught us that the best way to proofread a document is to read it one sentence at a time, starting at the end and working your way to the beginning. Since you can’t really get into the rhythm of a piece while reading backwards, you’re less likely to fill in a…

Workflow and administrative tools I currently swear by

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients in different industries. My projects have ranged from digital and print design, to copywriting and consulting, and I’ve explored many resources along the way. I’ve found that using too many apps can be distracting, and this can lead to a negative impact on my productivity. That’s why I’m always leaning out my workflow, and the most effective tools quickly become essentials in my business.

They range from administrative tools for running your company, to functional tools and resources that assist in doing the work. …

Learn about licensing agreements from someone who actually reads the fine print

If your company has ever done any marketing, chances are you’ve used stock images at some point. But let’s be honest here, have you ever read the fine print to see if there are rules or limitations on how you may use the images? Unfortunately, licensing and copyright infringement are some of the most common issues I’ve seen in the design and digital industries. That’s why it’s important to know where your service provider or employees are getting their resources from. …

Learn about font licensing agreements from someone who actually reads the fine print

You know that little check box you have to click on every time you download or buy something online? Let’s be honest here, do you really know what you’re agreeing to when you check that box? Unfortunately, licensing and copyright infringement are some of the most common issues in the design industry. I see it happen all the time — you may be in possession of software and images that you’re not licensed to use and not even know it! This is usually due to a lack of awareness or diligence when it comes to licensing agreements. …

The less obvious questions you never thought to ask

So, you’re looking to hire a design or digital agency for a project. Maybe you’re an experienced marketing manager or maybe you’re an entrepreneur on your first venture. After considering a few options, you’ve found a service provider with a great portfolio, a solid proposal, and good people at the company. What could go wrong?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with many companies, including small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large multinational corporations. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, ranging from brand design and marketing campaigns to websites and apps. I’m often approached by clients who’ve had some…

Ride Receipts app addresses a major flaw in Uber’s user experience

Note: This app has changed significantly since this article was written. Check out the Ride Receipts website for the latest info.

Every year in early January I start thinking about my taxes. I don’t like leaving it until the last minute, so I start getting my documents in order and download any missing receipts from my inbox, online accounts etc. The biggest hassle for me is getting my Uber receipts in order. This is for two reasons:

  1. I have more invoices/receipts from Uber trips than any other kind of business expense. I often travel to meet clients, give presentations, teach…

Adi Ofir

Principal & Creative Director @breakenterto

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